Carpentry Laborer

Job Title:
Carpentry Laborer

Tim Englert Construction, Inc.

1. A carpentry laborer is generally used to assist on a job when needed per the lead carpenter’s request. The carpentry laborer is responsible for the quality of whatever work he or she is assigned by the lead.

2. Carpentry laborer is under the direction and supervision of the lead carpenter while on a project and will generally work with different lead carpenters as requested. Lifting heavy loads is a typical function of the carpentry laborer. He or she must be able to regularly lift as much as 80 pounds.

3. The carpentry laborer is expected to follow all policies as stated in the employee handbook and report to the job site by 7:30 a.m., with all necessary tools and equipment and ready to work.

4. The carpentry laborer is expected to contact the Production Manager for assignment, before leaving a job site, if he/she is not needed by the lead carpenter the following day.

5. The carpentry laborer will always be training to learn new skills and handle additional responsibilities. During this training the carpentry laborer will begin to acquire the major skills and tools needed to become a lead carpenter.

6. When the need for direction becomes minimal, the carpentry laborer will begin to assume carpenter responsibilities on smaller, less complicated jobs.

7. Appearance and overall neatness is required of all employees representing Tim Englert Construction, Inc.

8. As a carpentry laborer you are expected to understand, uphold and assist others on the job site to obey the Safety & Drug plan put forth by the Company.

9. Continuing Education is a very important part for growth and knowledge of your job position and the industry.

The Production Manager will closely direct and support the coordination of these projects, until such a time as the carpentry laborer will be considered eligible to be a carpenter. After becoming a full time carpenter the employee is eligible to complete the training necessary to become a lead carpenter.

Required Skills:
Must possess general knowledge and experience in carpentry standard skills and have basic hand tools of their own with which to work. The carpentry laborer will be required to work in all phases of home remodeling construction: tear out, framing, minor plumbing and electrical work, interior and exterior finish work.

Full or Part Time:
Full Time

Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Starting pay is $10.00 to $11.00 depending on work experience and skill level.

Start Date:
As soon as possible

Employer Contact Information:
Stefanie Englert
7176 Boneta Road
Wadsworth, OH, 44281
(330) 336-2770 |
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