Fireplace Technician Apprentice

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Fireplace Technician Apprentice

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Fireplace Technician Apprentice

A brief cover “letter” (note) or email lets us know you read this post and checked us out on Google and our website, Please let us know why you are interested in joining our team.

Why would you want to work at “The Place?” Ask some of our team members:
“Friendly people”, “Flexible Scheduling”, “We get all major holidays off and after 20 years of retail and not getting that, I love it!” “We care about each other”, “We learn and grow together”, “Clients coming in are happy ‘cause they are buying fun things”, “I am part of “The Place Family” and it’s just cool”, “Every day is different”, “I like who I work with”, “Family oriented with Sundays off”, “I like the environment”, “I don’t miss important events with my children anymore”, “We’re more like a family”, “Always striving to improve”, “We do training”, “I like that we are a Christian Organization”, “I get positive feedback and constructive criticism from management”, “We are the Best of the Best!”

Worker’s Compensation Drug Free Safety Program and Nicotine Free Employer
We are committed to protecting the safety and health of all employees and clients. We recognize that alcohol abuse and drug use create a considerable threat to this commitment. In accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, we have a Drug Free Safety Policy. We are also a Nicotine-Free employer. Nicotine users are not eligible for employment.

Use your mechanical skills to fix fireplaces. We are looking for someone to join our team and make The Place their career. Applicant must fit the core values of The Place: Professionalism, Integrity, Diligence, Caring, Temperance, and being in a Good Mood.

Job description: After an apprenticeship, diagnosing and repairing fireplaces at client’s homes and installation of hearth products. Apprenticeship includes on-the-job training and requires study on your own time. You will complete the apprenticeship with a national certification in hearth repairs and installation. We pay for committed students education. Employment requires signing a non-compete contract during apprenticeship and for 2 years commitment after completion.

Character Requirements: Fitting our core values are a Must. Other character traits we look for are being Dependable, Friendly, Reliable, Responsible, A heart to serve, People and Detail oriented, Organized, and Trustworthy. We are Christian organization and use those principles to guide our behavior.

Prerequisite Required: Mechanically experienced, computer competency, comfortable with driving a box truck, and able to move some weight with tools to assist. Note: We perform background, driving record, credit, and drug testing before hiring. You must be insurable and bond-able to be eligible for hire.

Skills Required: Basic carpentry, electrical, and/or plumbing knowledge/skills. Chimney sweep or masonry experience a bonus. We will train on the hearth industry.

Pay Scale: Starting wage for apprenticeship is $14 to $17 per hour depending on level of skill coming in. Fully competent nationally certified and trained technicians/installers earn $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Full time year round work. Benefits available.

Schedule: Generally 8 am to 5:30 Monday through Friday. Occasional overtime or Saturday hours during busy season (Sept – January)
Job Type: Full-time

Required Skills:
Competent with hand tools, basic knowledge of electricity and/or electronics, masonry or carpentry skills helpful, people and computer use skills.

Full or Part Time:
Full or Part Time

Generally 8 – 5:30 five days a week. Could be any days except Sunday

Could start anywhere between 12 and 17 per hour depending on skill level coming in. Trained full time technicians earn $40,000 to $50,000 per year with benefits

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Employer Contact Information:
Andrea Reedy
2377 Medina Road
Medina, OH, 44256
(330) 239-4000 |
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