Financial Manager / Director of Financial Operations

Job Title:
Financial Manager / Director of Financial Operations


To handle and record all monetary contributions, pay invoices, prepare financial reports, handle
all payroll-related items.


I. To record and provide oversight of contributions.

A. Deposit and record all monetary contributions.

B. Prepare quarterly contribution and year-end tax statements for church members.

C. Maintain strict confidentiality when receiving phone calls, written messages and visits from church members regarding contributions and gifts.

D. Generate correspondence in gratitude for special donations (e.g., Memorial Fund, Endowment Fund, tangible gifts).

E. Assume responsibility for on-line giving recordkeeping using the REALM software.

II. To prepare financial reports and payment of church bills.

A. Prepare monthly, annual and any required special financial reports.

i. Provide financial data for the preparation of the annual budget.

ii. Provide Leadership Teams with monthly financial reports.

iii. Provide the Endowment Committee with periodic (quarterly) reports.

B. Review invoices for accuracy and process for weekly payments.

C. Prepare the bi-monthly payroll and related items.

i. Payroll taxes and reporting.

ii. Expense reports.

iii. Year-end reports.

D. Reconcile all bank accounts monthly.

E. Serve as an authorized check signer (two signatures required on all checks).

III. To provide general support for the staff and congregation concerning financial matters.

A. Attend meeting of the following:
i. Finance Leadership Team
ii. Congregational Council
iii. Mission Leadership Team
iv. Stewardship Team
v. Memorial Gifts and Endowment Committee, upon request
vi. Staff

B. Works with Team members, volunteers and staff to complete special projects as approved by the Congregational Council and Leadership Teams, including Youth and Mission Trips.

C. Handles calls and walk-ins for financial assistance.

D. Provides support to fund-raising events.

E. Provides coverage for the Office Manager and Office Assistant as needed for absences.

F. Be proficient in MS Office (Excel and Word), become proficient in the REALM nonprofit financial and database software and any related treasury management banking system software.

G. Ensure that membership records are up to date.

IV. To continue your education and professional growth:

A. Attend position-related seminars and workshops.

B. Up-date skills and knowledge of current best practices through professional training.

C. Network with other professionals within the community or region.

• Senior Pastor
• Church Treasurer
• Congregational Council
• Leadership Teams
• Office Staff
• Volunteers
• General Public

The Church also owns and operates the Hobby Horse Preschool. The School has a separate Director, faculty and governing board.

Responsibilities include handling and recording all incoming receipts, paying invoices, preparing financial reports and handling all payroll-related items. The Bookkeeper works closely with the Director on day-to-day financial matters as well as the preparation of an annual budget.


I. Tuition

A. Deposit all tuition and registration for the Preschool.

B. Prepare a monthly list of unpaid tuitions for the Director.

II. Invoices and other payments

A. Review all invoices for accuracy.

B. Process reviewed and approved invoices for payment.

C. Prepare payroll and related items, included taxes, year-end reports.

II. Reports

A. Prepare monthly, annual and any special financial reports.

B. Work with the Director to prepare the annual budget.

• Hobby Horse Preschool Director
• Hobby Horse faculty

References will be checked. Because the Preschool serves the general public, after hiring, a criminal background check will be required.

Educational requirements – High School as a minimum. Advanced education or relevant experience will be considered a plus.

Hours – This is a part time “salary” position expected to require about five hours per day (25 hours per week). Salary will be commensurate with experience and subject to discussion (approximately $27,000 to $30,000 per year).

Ten paid holidays and two weeks paid vacation.

There is no pension or hospitalization associated with this part-time position.

March 10, 2021

Required Skills:
Qualifications – the important qualifications are experience and skills in:
• Accounting, especially for preparing and interpreting financial statements.
• Bookkeeping (cash basis).
• General business best practices
• Administrative, strong computer and interpersonal skills

Essential personal attributes
• Confidentiality
• Team values

Full or Part Time:
Part time

M – F, 5 hours per day (9 am to 3 pm) is how it works now. Our current finance person is retiring after 18 years.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and subject to discussion (approximately $27,000 to $30,000 per year).

Ten paid holidays and two weeks paid vacation.

There is no pension or hospitalization associated with this part-time position.

Start Date:

Employer Contact Information:
Peter Metzloff
Medina, OH, 44256
(330) 241-1316 |
Contact employer via either phone (330.241.1316) or email at