Job Title:

Winking Lizard Tavern

I. Establishes positive first impression of self and Company
Smiles and displays a positive attitude and is attentive to guests’ needs.
Acknowledges all new arriving parties within 30 seconds with a sincere and friendly greeting.
Identifies regular guests by name.
Monitors age requirements after 5:00pm by asking for identification from all guests who appear under 30 years of age.
Organizes wait list when necessary, listing guest preferences and requests and quotes accurate wait times.
Knowledge of daily and weekly specials, dessert of the month and seasonal menu items for every shift.
Seats guests throughout the restaurant using wait list and following proper station rotation.
Keeps restrooms clean and neat by checking restrooms every 30 minutes and restocking with supplies as needed.
Maintains a clean and organized host stand and surrounding area, sweeping floors throughout the shift and stocking all necessary take out supplies and popcorn.
Answers phone calls within two rings and follows proper Winking Lizard phone and take out procedures.
Follows up with guests that have been placed “on hold.”
Sets restaurant up for success by completing opening and closing checklists for every shift.
II. Host shift responsibilities
Maintains menus by cleaning them on a regular basis.
Completes open menu counts every 20 minutes and relays information to the back-of-house and managers.
Follows Winking Lizard take out procedures and ensures all takeout orders are accurate.
Completes daily side work and cleaning projects.
Ensures that popcorn is fresh and ready at designated times.
Assists servers and bussers during the shift by pre-bussing; clears and resets tables and/or booths for the next seating.
Strategically rearranges tables and chairs to accommodate large parties without interfering with guest experience at neighboring tables.
Alerts appropriate server or manager when a customer has not been attended to.
Ensures new monthly menu inserts and miscellaneous point-of-sale materials are current.
Updates daily specials board.
Monitors silverware throughout the shift to ensure proper par levels and informs DMOs when supply has depleted.
Maintains Aloha equipment by using fingers to ring in food items. Does not use pens, credit cards, and other miscellaneous items to ring in orders.
Helps maintain “great atmosphere” by immediately informing a manager when a TV has a black screen or when a game ends.
Requests the assistance of a manager when selling Lizardwear.
Updates World Tour board as needed.
III. Compliance to Winking Lizard standards, systems, procedures, and policies
Maintains the Company expectations of performance and behavior in the restaurant as established in the Employee Handbook, Training Manual, Policy Manual, and Employee Guidelines.
Maintains an excellent personal appearance by following Winking Lizard uniform guidelines and personal hygiene standards by being in clean uniform prior to the start of each shift.
Clocks in and out for breaks following proper break procedures. Approves break through a manager prior to leaving assigned area.
Responsible to wear non-slip shoes for every shift.
Eats in a designated area of the restaurant. Does not eat or drink in guests’ view.
Keeps personal belongings (coats, purses, back packs, etc.) in a designated area approved by management.
Must be reliable and punctual in reporting for work as scheduled.
The characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Shift Length – Varies – 4 to 10 hour shifts
Breaks – ½ hour per shift if applicable
Flooring – Cement, tile, and hardwood floor
Lighting – Adequate and overhead
Miscellaneous – Subject to wet floors, temperature extremes, and loud noise

Required Skills:
(1-2X per shift) Occasional
(3-12X per hour) Frequent
(13-30X per hour) Continuous
(30+X per hour)
Floor to waist Up to 50 lbs
Waist to shoulder Up to 10 lbs
Shoulder to overhead Up to 5 lbs
Carry Up to 10 lbs
Push/pull Up to 50 lbs
Standing X
Walking X
Sitting X
Bending X
Reaching X
Squatting/kneeling X

Medium strength range
Reading, writing, and verbal communication skills
Ability to respond in emergencies to avoid imminent danger to self and others
Responsible, dependable, and flexible in scheduling
Work in harmony with guests, coworkers, and managers
Successfully complete Alcohol Awareness Certification within 6 months of hire and maintain current certification

Full or Part Time:
Both full time or part time

Weekdays, Weekends, AM shift, PM shift, Flexible schedule

Starting rate at $10.50 plus tips
Medical insurance
Flexible Schedule
Most holidays off
Employee development program
**Waiting period may apply

Start Date:
As soon as possible

Employer Contact Information:
Shannan Morse
3634 Center Road
Brunswick, OH, 44212
(330) 220-9944 |
Contact employer via or you can apply online at