Remote Learning

MCCC Resources

Most resources available to Medina County Career Center (MCCC) students are accessible by logging in with their MCCC email address and password.  If students are unable to access a resource/website provided by their instructor, please email instructor for support.

COVID-19 information, services, and updates.

High School Resources for Students and Parents includes student services, reporting absences, lunch menu, career advising, school counselors and more.

Tech Tutorials provides an overview of accessing MCCC technologies and resources. The Technology Orientation Packet includes written instructions to access PowerSchool and an overview of MCCC Technologies

MCCC Technology Institute (MTI) provides students detailed video tutorials, demonstrations, and written instructions on accessing and using technology at MCCC (student login required).

MCJVS2 Dashboard provides quick access to resources

Contact MCCC Personnel

In the event of a mandated closure of the Medina County Career Center, the best method to reach staff and faculty is through email.  Instructors will be also holding virtual office hours (information found in their online courses/classrooms) via Google Meet (

Please access the directories below for contact information:

General Parental Guidelines For Remote and Blended Learning

  • Set up a work area for your student at home away from TV/social media distractions
  • Come up with a schedule, but let your child have input. Remote learning doesn’t have to be between regular school hours. Set aside study times, break times and recreation times that make the most sense for your child.
  • Help students own their learning. No one expects parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and content matter experts. Provide support and encouragement, and expect your children to do their part. Struggling is allowed and encouraged! Don’t help too much. Becoming independent takes lots of practice.
  • During work times – consider limiting phone/social media access. We know when the phone is nearby focus on work declines substantially. There may be times when phone access is appropriate during work time, like a group project or study session over the phone with friends. There should be a balance, but many aspects of remote learning will be individual.
  • Communicate with other parents to see how you can help each other and share ideas
  • Please encourage your child to contact their teachers when they have questions or need clarification.
  • Begin and end the day by checking-in. In the morning, you might ask: What classes/subject do you have today? Do you have any assessments? How will you spend your time? What resources do you need? What can I do to help? At the end of the day you might ask: How far did you get in your learning tasks today? What did you discover? What was hard? What could we do to make tomorrow better? These brief grounding conversations matter. Checking in students to process instructions they received from their teachers, and it helps them organize themselves and set priorities.
  • Monitor your child’s progress, assignments, and grades through PowerSchool
  • Contact your student’s instructor if you have any questions.